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Vvpigment Valley Pigment Co., Ltd.

Address: Room 601, building No.11, Second Street of Kehui Valley, Luogang District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China



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About Us

Vvpigment Valley Pigment Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in various types of pigment product development, production and sales of professional companies.

Our company has advanced manufacturing process factory, to produce high quality aluminum paste with high quality and high purity. It is widely used in automobile paint, motorcycle paint, ship paint, wood

Paint, 3C coatings and other fields; product marketing in Southeast Asia, Europe, the Middle East and other regions. Sincerely welcome the cooperation of our partners at home and abroad and we work together win-win situation.

Jie Shengzhi Valley Pigment Co., Ltd. is committed to become a professional color solutions experts.

Products Center
Aluminum paste
Silky high-bright pigment,silky high-bright electrosilvering pigment,flashing high-bright pigment,and silky silver-bright pigment all belong to the category of aluminum paste. They are widely used in coating, paint, printing ink, plastic and other industries.
Nano color paste
Nano color paste is complete in chromatography and high in tinctorial strength. Its color is bright. The paste particle is fine and homogeneous. We are committed to be a professional and expert in color solution.
Color aluminum paste
Research & Development Focus Focused on producing aluminum paste for 20 years, we are committed to be a professional and expert in color solution.
Pearlescent pigment
Pearl has been regareded as a symbol of extreme beauty since ancient times. With high coating performance, good dispersity, pearlescent pigment is stable, lasting and elegant.
Copper powder
Also known as copper zinc alloy powder, copper powder is mainly made from copper and zinc.Through procedures of smetling, dusting, grinding and polishing, it turns into golden powder of extremely fine scale-like particles, therefore it is commonly known as gold powder.
Color chips
Color chips are applied in high-temperature resistant coating, plastic coating, ceramic coating, enamel coating, glass coating, art painting and other areas.
My Clients
The respect customer, understand customer, continue to provide exceed customer expectations of products and services, do customers forever partners. This is our has always insisted on and advocated by the service concept.
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